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The man behind Inspector Chi has been around . . .

Franco Satamini has lent his Chi and music to other great artists, whether singing, playing and recording instruments, writing, co-writing, arranging, producing award winning records, touring the world performing at some of the best venues in Japan, Europe, Brazil, South America and the US, and even scoring for theatre and TV. He has appeared also as an actor in TV shows and commercials in Brazil.

All these roads ultimately brought Inspector Chi exactly where he is right now: The Moment of Chi Explosion!

He says . . .

“When you have done so many different things in music, have worn so many different hats, your music flows in many different ways . . . Now it feels like they gathered all at once in one powerhouse creative drive - The Game of Chi, where I can be my best, push my limits, and create a new swagger . . . My soul is in here . . . There is humor, love, happiness, pain, excitement, calm, sensuality, political and social views, reality and fantasy! It is my unrestricted Chi, my life force!"

The story has a place o origin, but is yet unwritten . . . It starts now . . . and the Universe will reveal its future!