CHI - definition:

"the energy that flows through all living creatures - life force"

Inspector Chi is the "Pop-Rock Alter-Ego" of Brazilian (yeah, Brazilian!) singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, producer, and actor Franco Sattamini.


The Game of Chi CD is a one-man catharsis of Chi through music: beats, riffs, grooves, melodies and words. Inspector Chi literally locks himself in the studio and pours his emotions, life experiences and fantasies in every single instrument and vocal line.


The music could be defined by Maroon 5 meets Dave Matthews and some, and brings to mind sound references such as Train, Spin Doctors, The Script and Sting.


From up-beat, light-hearted songs like Rhythm of Your Blue to deeper and more intense Dusk to Dawn, Inspector Chi lays down solid grooves with hooky melodies that make you want to sing along, move your body or just press the gas pedal on the highway . . . watch out for the speed traps!